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John Howard Maintenance delivers a full range of maintenance, repair and inspection services for residential, commercial, and industrial premises, specializing in difficult access areas. We understand that every property and organisation has different needs, and aim to provide a service that is perfect and tailor-made for you. With more than fifteen years of experience on the market delivering first-class services, we have developed our business driven by a dedication to exceptional customer approach, and our goal to be known as South East Queensland's best providers of asset management services. Our customer commitment is to deliver quality services and to promote ethical, social, and environmental best practice in the workplace at competitive rates. Our Team Our team of highly qualified, professional and passionate workers with a wide range of trade backgrounds bring an extensive repertoire of skills and safe conduct to every job we perform. Our team represents dedication to excellent customer service. Over the years, we have gone out of our way to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality in service, and that our staff and community enjoy all the benefits of our high standards.

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